Understanding the Use of Coping

There’s so much that goes into designing and constructing a new pool that every detail truly counts in terms of safety, functionality and appearance. From the size and shape of the pool to the coping, tile and grout selections, it’s important you make your investment uniquely your own.

One of the main features of an in-ground pool is the coping. This separates the pool shell wall from the patio or deck area. It can be made out of many different kinds of materials, including concrete, limestone and granite, to name a few.

Coping is used to top the pool shell wall and to make a visible distinction between the patio/deck area and the pool. It helps keep the water inside the pool. It also ensures the patio or deck material is long-lasting and doesn’t suffer from water damage, in addition to keeping water from getting behind your tile. Coping might not seem important, but it adds to the safety, functionality and longevity of your pool and its surrounding areas. It frames your pool like matting around framed artwork, and makes your pool the center of focus in your outdoor living space.

Pool coping can be made from all kinds of material including:

• Indiana limestone (custom made)
• Concrete
• Precast concrete
• Travertine
• Flagstone
• Bluestone
• Granite
• Other stone
• Brick

Concrete and natural stone are two good choices as they offer slip resistance – ideal for a surface that will often be wet.

Our all-time favorite, which can be seen in most of the pictures in our gallery, is custom-made Indiana limestone coping. It is the tried and true choice for most luxury pools in middle Tennessee and beyond because it is highly customizable and exceptionally beautiful.

The edge of the coping can have a bullnose, which is a perfectly rounded and smooth edge. Coping can also be squared off for a clean, modern look, or can have a chiseled edge for a more rustic look.

To learn more about pool coping or to choose the kind of material that will be best for your design, get in touch with Brad at Absolute Pools today by calling 615-354-1840.

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