Unique Features to Add to Your Pool

When designing a pool for your backyard, don’t forget to consider extra features you can add that will take your pool from a cool casual hang out spot to an incredible and relaxing getaway and entertainment area. Here are some ideas for unique features you can add to your pool:

Spa/Hot Tub

Gorgeous. Soothing. Timeless. Our custom spas and hot tubs are simply exquisite, and there’s no better way to massage away the aches and pains of the day than to dip into one of our stunning and comfortable custom spas. Staying cool with a pool is great in the heat, but the relaxing jets of an evening soak in the hot tub can truly offer an exceptionally relaxing experience year round. Though a custom-made hot tub is admittedly much more expensive, there’s simply no comparison when you look at our stunning creations versus prefabricated fiberglass hot tubs.

Waterfall FeatureWaterfalls and Water Features

If you want to take your pool from ordinary to extraordinary, consider a custom water feature by Absolute Pools. From natural waterfalls to elegant, contemporary water features, we do it all. In fact, before Absolute Pools was a pool company, we built nearly 200 of middle Tennessee’s most gorgeous water features. From ponds and streams to fountains and waterfalls large and small, we know how to build them all. Our waterfalls and custom water features provide not only a gorgeous visual aspect to your pool space, but also add a calming ambiance to your backyard living area.

Swim-Up Bar

When you imagine vacationing in a far-away resort, do you envision that they have a swim-up bar? Why not put one in your own backyard? You’ll have an amazing time throwing parties for your friends and family in your luxurious pool, complete with its own resort-like swim-up bar. Stepping out back will be like going on vacation.

Accent Boulders

Adding some accent boulders can go a long way to adding style and class to your backyard pool. Boulders are relatively inexpensive to install, but will have a big effect on the overall style, design and appearance of your yard. Whether you utilize boulders as rustic contrasts or as central features, they are a popular and attractive option to add to your design.

Consider adding these unique features to your backyard pool, and take your backyard from a typical entertainment spot to an unbelievable getaway. As a premier swimming pool designer and contractor serving middle Tennessee, we can help make your dreams into a reality. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call Absolute Pools & Waterscapes today at 615-354-1840.