5 Reasons to Add a Custom Swimming Pool to Your Property

Absolute Pools & Waterscapes, located in Nashville, TN, specializes in the design and construction of gunite swimming pools and spas. Here are five reasons to add a custom swimming pool by Absolute Pools to your property:

1) Theyre an investment, really

Most people don’t know that in the right setting, a custom gunite pool is actually a good investment. Historically, gunite and shotcrete pools have added 8% to a home’s value. Most people, even real estate agents, are under the impression that pools have a neutral or negative effect on home value. As a general rule, the more expensive the home, the greater the negative impact from vinyl and fiberglass pools. Conversely, the greater a home’s value, the greater the positive impact from custom gunite & shotcrete swimming pools. The fact is, most million + homes have pools for a reason. Aside from looking great, they have a significant positive impact on value. Even though a pool isn’t the best investment out there, it’s nice to know that rather than losing money by building a custom pool, you can actually wind up breaking even or adding equity on top of the cost of a pool. Your home is one of your greatest investments. Building the right pool in the right setting is like having your cake, with frosting, and eating it, too!

2) We offer great bang for the buck

We use nothing but the finest materials and the best equipment, and we do it with superb craftsmanship. Absolute Pools are among the best custom swimming pools you can get. Paying attention to all the details, our high-end pools impress even the most discerning people. Yet, at the same time, we offer good prices. Our prices tend to be mid-range in the Tennessee pool market. What do you get when you mix the highest quality and craftsmanship with mid-range pricing? You get an amazing product for a great value.

3) They look great day 24 / 7 / 365

Our philosophy is that your pool should always look great. A big part of your enjoyment of the pool happens every time you glance at the pool as you go about life in your home. Whether you are eating dinner inside or outside, reading a book poolside, or having a pool party for family or friends, your pool should always be at its best. After all, if you are going to spend tens of thousands on a pool, it should always look fantastic. For that reason, as well as others, our pools are designed to take the rigors of nature year-round. Most of our clients never winterize their pools, and when they are home, not a day or night goes by where they don’t enjoy the beauty and peace that our pools bring.

4) Absolute Pools reflect… YOU

Absolute Pools puts the power of customization in your hands. You select tile, coping (the stone or concrete material used to cap the pool shell wall), pool interiors, water features, lighting, decking, landscaping and more.

Our custom designs are first done by hand and then by computer. Using technology, you can see what your virtual pool and waterscape world will look like before it’s constructed. If you want or need to change anything, the model gives you the opportunity to see it before it’s built and change it as needed. Because the pool is custom made, you can shape it in a way that makes it a functional work of art– a beautiful pool that reflects your personality.

We excel at customization. If cookie cutter pools are on one side of the spectrum, Absolute Pools are on the other side. Not only can we build anything you can imagine, we’re also really good at helping you figure out your best options. We give frank, honest advice, telling you the pros and cons of each decision. We are pool experts, and we aim to give you the most sensible advice out there. In short, we help maximize the money you spend to give you a pool that is the best reflection of yourself.

5) Theyre fun

While custom pools are, of course, luxurious, they’re also fun, especially for kids and kids-at-heart. Absolute Pools can build-in features that make your pool the place to be. Many of our clients build a luxury pool because they want to create a space for their children to hang out. The best way to keep tabs on your kids is to have them home, and one of the best ways to keep them home is to create a place where they, and their friends, want to be!

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