We Design & Build Custom Luxury Swimming Pools

When homeowners, landscape designers and builders in the know want to incorporate luxury swimming pools and waterscapes into their projects, they call Absolute Pools. Founded by Brad Shuman, Absolute Pools specializes in the design and construction of middle Tennessee’s finest pools and water features.

Brad Shuman’s direct, outside-the-box approach to sales and design leaves his clients extremely happy and with a final product that exceeds their highest expectations. Every pool and waterscape is custom-designed by Shuman himself to meet each client’s unique needs.

“My clients depend on me as the expert in design of function and form, and to give them open, honest advice at every phase,” says Shuman.

Absolute Pools builds their high-end pools with the best quality, yet their prices are in the mid-range. How do they do it? They focus on one or two projects at a time, keeping overhead to a minimum. All designs and sales are done by Shuman himself, who also personally coordinates all aspects of the construction while project manager and master craftsman John “JR” Pierce expertly and precisely builds each pool.

They don’t have an expensive commercial space, fancy trucks or a Madison Avenue ad budget, but they do provide extremely elegant pools and water features that compare to those found in the most luxurious venues around the world.

“We deliver the highest quality with minimal overhead, which allows us to pass the savings on to our clients,” Shuman says.

Shuman and Pierce have been working together for about a decade, each focusing on the arenas in which they truly excel.

“We both couldn’t be more pleased with our business relationship as well as our strong friendship filled with mutual respect and admiration. I do all the things I’m great at and that I love, and JR does the same. We are a fine-tuned, cohesive luxury pool-building machine,” says Shuman.

It’s a business model that has worked time and time again. Sandy Fitzsimmons, for whom Absolute Pools built a luxury pool, agrees: “From the first time we met Brad, he really listened to what our family wanted, gave us excellent advice and guidance, and created a pool that we couldn’t be happier with.”

Brad’s designs are first done by hand, then by computer. He creates a virtual pool and waterscape world and then brings it to life.

“The finished product is more beautiful than we ever imagined,” said Fitzsimmons. “I will never get tired of looking at our pool – it is timeless.”

Innately curious and fearlessly creative, Shuman attributes his “can-do spirit” to his Eagle Scout training, his college education and his most important role, husband and father of six in his Orthodox Jewish home. While some might shy away from difficult jobs, Shuman thrives on crafting creative solutions for each unique request.

Shuman’s best friend and wife of almost 20 years, Erika, is an integral part of the business, too. In addition to her role as a mother and overseeing her own part-time artisan bakery business, she manages the bookkeeping and accounting for Absolute Pools. The couple says their relationship is the key to their success, and for them, finding beauty and meaning in even the smallest detail is its own reward. For their clients, a custom-made work of art is a reward that will last a lifetime.

To learn more or to discuss the project you have in mind, call Brad Shuman at Absolute Pools today at 615-354-1840.