Pool Studio Helps Design Dream Pools

What’s the best way to ensure that the custom pool you plan to build will turn out the same – or better! – than in your mind’s eye? It’s our 3D pool design program called Pool Studio. At Absolute Pools, we have utilized Pool Studio for nearly a decade to create life-like designs that look so good, you’ll actually think you’re looking at a photograph or video of an existing pool.

Computer Pool DesignUsing 3-D gaming technology, Structure Studios created Pool Studio for the masters of pool design to create a stunning reality for their clients to see BEFORE even one scoop of dirt is dug. Each design is created from scratch, starting with a simple green square. From there, we add custom structures based on actual measurements, creating a digital rendering so realistic you’ll think you’re looking at your house. Then we design the swimming pool, spa, water features, pool deck, landscaping and other visual features to create an amazing virtual world that you can enter. Walk around, fly overhead, go underwater, look out the windows from your favorite chair. The idea is to make sure that what you have constructed is exactly what you want.

Textures, materials and colors can be easily changed for any surface. We can select tile, plaster, decking materials, pool coping and more with a few clicks of the mouse until it looks perfect. Once the rough design is drafted, major changes are easy to make. We can even make multiple swimming pool designs to allow you to compare different options side by side, giving you the ability to pick one and continue refining your design until you get exactly what you want. From there, we generate accurate building prints to ensure that the pool we design and the one you get are identical, down to a fraction of an inch.

We charge $75 an hour for the service, which usually takes 10-20 hours for a design depending on the complexity. Once you get a design, we encourage you to use it to get another quote or two so you can compare apples to apples. Best of all, if you proceed with the installation by Absolute Pools, we credit the entire amount of the design cost back to you.

If you love attention to detail, outside-the-box thinking, and the most cutting-edge technology, let Absolute Pools owner and master designer Brad Shuman create the dream pool you’ve always wanted. To get started with a custom design or a quote, contact us today at 615-354-1840.

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