Swimming Pool Design & Construction

Owned by Brad Shuman and located in Nashville, Absolute Pools & Waterscapes offers swimming pool design and construction services in middle Tennessee and beyond.

Absolute Pools specializes in the design and construction of luxury swimming pools, spas/hot tubs and high-end water features. Pools range from $50,000 to $150,000+ and water features typically range from $15,000 to $75,000+.

Brad Shuman has built hundreds of projects during the past two decades. These elegant projects include the Absolute Pools specialty, custom gunite (shotcrete) pools and spas, as well as walls of water, sheer descents and commercial fountains. Their high-end projects also include lakes, ponds, water gardens, streams and indoor water features. Absolute Pools also specializes in high-end pool refurbishing.


Getting a Design & Quote

Contact Brad Shuman, owner and designer, for a custom design and quote. The turn-around time for a design and quote varies from several days for small projects to several weeks for large projects. Two-dimensional designs – overhead black and white concept drawings – are generally free of charge and are accompanied by a quote or work order.

Shuman utilizes a 3D design program called Pool Studio for his larger projects. While 3D design is optional, Shuman highly recommends it for most clients. With Pool Studio, he creates a 3D view of your proposed pool or water feature, and even your house or other buildings can be included as well to give you a fully immersive view. In this 3D world, you can view the pool from within your virtual house, from above or from any angle – you can even swim under virtual water.

This program is especially helpful for clients who aren’t exactly sure what they want, or for those who have trouble visualizing a proposed project. Photographs can be taken from any angle at any phase of the design within Pool Studio. Whether you want to see a design in progress via email or refer to hard copies of the photos before and during construction, the Absolute Pools design process couldn’t be more customer friendly.

Pool Studio allows you to select every detail, from tile, coping and pool interiors to decking, landscaping and much more, giving you a very good idea of what the finished product will actually look like. Once a design is created, even major changes are easy to make.

“The real power of Pool Studio is in showing our clients what they’re going to get before breaking ground,” says Shuman. “It’s an incredible way to ensure that they will love the final product.”

A fee of $75/hour will apply for 3D designs, which usually cost between $750 and $2,000, and design fees are fully credited back to all clients who proceed with installation. Designs come complete with color pictures and overhead schematics in both printed and in digital form, as well. A quote or work order will accompany every design that will detail the scope of work, materials, special conditions and customer responsibilities, too.

Get started on designing your new pool or water feature today. To learn more, call Absolute Pools at 615-354-1840.