Custom swimming pools and spas take time to build. At Absolute Pools, our average pool construction takes three to four months from start to finish, and some of our pool projects, depending on the complexity and the season, can take as long as six months or more.

Before we start construction on your swimming pool, spa, or pool/spa combo, you’ll need to get a pool design and quote, sign a work order and remit a deposit.

The gunite pool design process usually takes a month, and sometimes longer. We typically stay booked four to six months ahead on our pool projects.


So are you a last minute, fly by the seat of your pants kind of person who impatiently wants to swim yesterday? Okay… There are many other pool companies in Nashville for you to call.

But if you are a patient planner who likes details and wants everything to be just right on your one-of-a-kind luxury pool, call Absolute Pools to begin the design and quote process.

We build pools right. And we’re worth the wait.

Absolute Pools Becomes More Focused Than Ever

The last couple of years have been dynamic in Nashville, with unprecedented growth of the city. And with the robust Nashville housing market, Absolute Pools is booming too.

While Absolute Pools is expanding to keep up with demand, we are also dramatically narrowing our geographic footprint to efficiently work on multiple pool construction projects at once.

Most of our custom swimming pools and spas are located in Nashville, West Meade, Forest Hills, Oak Hill, Green Hills, Belle Meade and Brentwood.

We also have shotcrete/gunite pool projects in Franklin, Leiper’s Fork and Thompson Station.

We also build our high end pools and spas in West Nashville, Bellevue, Pegram, Kingston Springs and Dickson.

We are no longer building custom gunite pools in outlying areas, particularly north, northwest and east of Nashville and outside of Tennessee. While this pains the friends and acquaintances of the people for whom we have already built pools in these areas, the Nashville market is simply amazing right now, and we can better provide for clients’ pool construction needs by continuing to focus on the above-mentioned areas.

With all that said, if you don’t live in Nashville, Belle Meade, Forest Hills, Oak Hill, West Meade, Brentwood, Green Hills or our other pool building sweet spots in Davidson county, Williamson County or Hickman county, we may still be open to taking on your project if the timing and scope of work make sense.

Call Brad Shuman at Absolute Pools today to discuss the particulars of your custom gunite pool project and he will give you straightforward and honest advice about whether Absolute Pools is the right pool company for you.

Best Tile Options for Pools

The finest custom swimming pools require the finest tile.

Together with simple and elegant coping, such as custom made Indiana limestone coping, selecting the proper pool tile is key to creating a stunning luxury pool.

Pool tile typically goes around the top 6” of the pool interior. It is immediately below the coping and above the plaster. The tile is at the freeze thaw line, which is the part of the swimming pool that has the greatest stress from constantly changing temperatures, expansion and contraction.

At Absolute Pools, our philosophy is to select classy, timeless pool tiles worthy of our custom pools and our clients’ homes.

We prefer porcelain pool tile with a smooth shiny glaze. While there are literally thousands of pool tiles from which to choose, with a wide range of quality, we make your tile selection easy by bring several dozen of the best tiles to your home in the selection process.

Absolute Pools owner and pool designer Brad Shuman selects the pool tile with every client to ensure the highest quality and best looking finishes, so no matter what you choose, it will reflect the Absolute Pools name and our commitment to the highest quality.

Together with your pool coping and pool plaster, we will offer recommendations that will bring your pool to the level of luxury without being too muted or too loud. We offer pool tile that will be easy to maintain and that will last years into the future without the need for repairs.

While we love the look and feel of mosaic tile and glass tile, anything smaller than 2” x 2” tile is far more likely to come off over time. The more grout you have, the more chances there are for the pool tile to pop off. Which is why we recommend 6” x 6”, 3” x 3”, or 2” x 2” porcelain pool tile. And waterproofing the shotcrete behind your tile is one of the many unseen steps we take to help reduce efflorescence (the unsightly leaching of minerals through your grout) which makes even the most beautiful tile look worn and sad.

We do install 1/2”, & 1” mosaic tile, as well as glass tile, because they look amazing, but we will always give you straightforward and honest advice and caution so you understand the pros and cons of every decision. Quite simply, if we think the tile you want to choose isn’t right, we’ll tell you.

Let us take your high-end swimming pool to the next level by helping you select the finest materials. And together with our superb craftsmanship and dedication to quality, we can build you the luxury pool you’ve always wanted.